Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Jas!

Tomorrow is our 7th anniversary! It seems like it's been forever, but then again, like it was just yesterday. And we thought we were so mature! Now 23 seems so young. At a much wiser 30, I still think it was the best thing we ever did! Since January 25, 2003, a lot has changed in our lives! Jobs, looks, location, etc. 2 houses, a long haul with a broken hip, a few good trips, a wonderful baby boy, and now waiting for a baby girl to arrive. Can't think of anyone in the world better to spend seven years with (actually 9+ if you count from the first date)! Here's to the next 67!

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Kaley said...

Happy Anniversary... I'm going to try and catch you on SA living if I can remember!!! :) You look great, not much longer till the little girl arrives!!!