Sunday, January 24, 2010

2 Announcements

I have been published in my first glossy magazine! While not quite like Vanity Fair, the Texas Aggie has a pretty wide circulation. Erin & BJ had an awesome Aggie wedding in June 2008 and submitted one of my photos to the alumni magazine. It's a whole 1/2 page! And even mentions my name!!! Thanks, Erin & BJ!

My friend Shelley is co-owner of Crazyolees, a really cool, organized way for your kids to use crayons/colors. Check out Back in August, I did a photo shoot with them for some promotional stuff. Tomorrow morning at 10am, they will be on San Antonio Living on channel 4 WOAI and will be displaying some of my photos. So if you're available, check it out!!!! By the way, Shelley is also expecting in February! Our boys are 2 weeks apart, and our due dates this time are 2 weeks apart! Crazy!


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