Sunday, February 08, 2009

Another wedding show...

Today I spent a long 5 hours at the SA Wedding Fair. Think it went really well. However, I was unable to speak even before it started. So if you visited my booth, I promise I am usually healthy and speak normally. And if you'd like to make sure, I'm sure my voice will be back to normal sometime in the next week!

I was thinking about the likelihood of me being sick, since it's a rare thing. And even if I feel bad, it has to be really bad for me to go to the dr. Here is a run-down of all my illnesses that I can think of (as if you cared?)...

2nd grade--chicken pox (missed fieldtrip to the Alamo but got lots of one-on-one time with my mom)
9th or 10 grade--mono (no cure for that or time off so don't know if it counts)
12th grade--respiratory infection
September 2007--mastitis ('nuff said)
this week--some crazy thing that made me go to the doctor (who said, "yes, your throat looks red!" in a strange accent)

So this sickness was bad timing but is beginning to wane (I hope).


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Sara Bading said...

wow...i'm impressed with your lack of illness. Was your Mom one of those Moms (like my Mom was) that unless you were on your death pretty much went to school. My mom had me get my braces put on the day after I was diagnosed with bronchitis...she was hardcore