Friday, January 30, 2009


Today is the Cowboy Breakfast kicking off the SA Stock Show. So daycare has a mini version, and Atlee got to wear his new boots this morning. He looked like he felt really important. However, they might not last long since they're hard to walk in. We thought a "real" cowboy could get away with bedhead, too (and maybe no hat). Think he'll be the most legit cowboy at daycare. No cityfolk here. But do cowboys suck their thumbs????


Sara Bading said...

could he be any cuter with that outfit and those adorable boots! Reese sends Atlee BIG cowboy/cowgirl kisses

Sara Bading said...

when do we see pics of the cowboy in his big boy bed?

Anonymous said...

Yeehaw, he is following in his mom and dad's footsteps! All he needs now is a stickhorse!