Monday, October 27, 2008

October 18th Minisessions

Here are some of my favorites from the sessions the weekend before last.

The last group of the day was a mother/daughter duo. Allison was my neighbor in college and has been a friend ever since. She is one of those people that everyone loves (and she knows EVERYONE!)! And her mom, Ellen, is a hoot! The 2 of them are lots of fun. After these pics, I think all mothers and their daughters should do this--I'm going to make mine do it someday. Here are my faves...

The Wilsons--now are these folks good-looking or what? Little R is going to be 1 on either Thursday or Friday! Happy birthday! They were such a great family, and it was great to meet them.

I have decided to name the photo below. I think it should be "The eyes have it!" How could anyone resist these 2?

The Hallmarks--another great-looking bunch. These 4 are so happy and were so easy to work with! Makes me want to have another one. Little J is going to be 1 soon, too!

The Hackers--this is the 3rd year I've done Christmas pics for this wonderful family. I can't belive how the kids have grown. It is an honor--they genuinely enjoy every moment together! And check out those blue eyes!

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aimee meredith said...

small world-- I know the Wilson family. Kind of exciting to see them in your blog! great pics, too!
aimee meredith