Monday, October 27, 2008


Up to this point, I haven't had the time, budget, or nerve to do any advertising. But now I figure that if I'm ever going to get this show on the road, I better do something. So, to make my investment worth while, I'm really hoping that folks (and all their friends) will check out the San Antonio Photographers section of It's a small ad, but hopefully lots of engaged peeps check it out. is a good wedding resource website because they don't do popups or ads on the edge of the site. Also, they offer FREE wedding websites for couples. (I figure I need to promote them in order to promote me?)

I will also be at the San Antonio Wedding Fair on February 8th at the Convention Center. Hopefully, that will be worthwhile. I'm also looking into some other wedding fairs/shows.

That's my thoughts for the day... I'll be back tomorrow--twenty-nine is only a day away!!!

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