Friday, June 27, 2008

9 months old!!!!

Atlee was 9 months old yesterday. For his big day, we did a morning photo shoot--I'll try to post the pics soon. For the big day, we also lowered the crib for the last time--on Wednesday night, mommy had a nightmare hour and a half of screaming and trying to get him to sleep. Because he was trying to escape, I couldn't just let him cry. So from now on, I can let him cry as he cannot escape his baby jail. At this point, my arms (and even jason's) are too short to set him down easily--we kind of have to aim strategically and drop. Poor baby. One of his top teeth is about to bust through. He also had his first daycare injury on his 9 month birthday. He decided to drop a full bottle on his upper lip. That's all that's happening.

I'll post some pics of Julie & Sydney soon. Erin & BJ's wedding is tomorrow. And next week, we're going to the ranch for the 4th (and for my 10-year high school reunion! yikes!).

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