Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Emery is 1 month old today!

Can't believe my little girl is already 4 weeks old! Here are a few pics from today. I have many more to post including her first bath, first Aggie War Hymn, etc. I'll try to do it soon...

This weekend, we went to Em's first wedding. It was Jess & Heather's big day (Jess was one of Jason's college roommate). 3 1/2 wk olds get lots of attention at weddings :) She had her first dance with mom and dad, her first Aggie War Hymn, got to meet Reese, Ryan, and Sara, and had her first night in a hotel. It only took 2 days to pack for the overnight trip! Here are a few of our first family photos (should have done this one earlier before she was screaming and had lost her socks and headband)...


The Donaho's said...

So cute!! I have saved that zebra outfit for her for soooooo long...I think I bought it the day you found out E was a girl. You look fabulous, and your family picture is great.
Can't wait to hear the details of your weekend in College Station.

p.s. my perfume is the bomb! thanks again!

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Alli said...

Hey! Love the pics...can't believe its been a month. She's so tiny, and Atlee looks so handsome in his khaki's!

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