Monday, January 11, 2010

hi! if anyone is out there! i know that my blog has been sorely neglected. i've just been trying to catch up on photo editing, Christmas, Atlee, work, etc. so i'm in the process of uploading photos from my many sessions and weddings that i've missed. will have them up a few at a time over the next few days (unless i end up in the delivery room...).

here are some of the sessions to post:

the Petrisky family in Gruene
Luke D in Mansfield
our trip to the state fair
the Mills family in Mansfield
the Hacker fam in SA
Kay's maternity in Chalk Mountain
Mechanical Reps fish fry
Van Dusen fam in SA (playing in the rain!!!!)
the Montfort kiddoes in Fredericksburg
Bernadette & Randy's wedding in SA/reception at Club Giraud
Broerman fam in New Braunfels
Wiatrek fam in Poth
Beverly/Lowke/Engler fams in SA
Gina's maternity photos
Kennerly fam in SA
Crawford fam and maternity
Thrush fam
Hunter 1 yr
my maternity/fam at the ranch
Kristi's fam
Jackson's newborn
Waldrip/Soechting Christmas party
Leslie/Tommy wedding on the Riverwalk
our Christmas/New Year/etc

In the meantime, something to think about--today, I am 36 weeks pregnant. our baby girl should arrive very soon. hope we're ready. though terrified, we can't wait to see what she looks like, feels like, sounds like, etc. dr appt today was good but uneventful. will keep y'all posted.

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