Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I know it's been a while. A little behind (and a little lazy). Catching up:

*We're having a GIRL!!! I would've posted this sooner, but I was busy shopping for pink girly things.

*Atlee turned 2 on Saturday! He is wonderful and cute and a total handful. We think (knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc) that his biting issues might be past us and that he won't (knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc) get kicked out of daycare. He had a wonderful day on Saturday for his big day--the zoo, pizza and play place, and a rodeo. The only time he cried all day was when a woman at the rodeo offered him cotton candy (maybe he's not my kid??). Got lots of great gifts that he loves playing with--chair, tent, carpenter tools, etc. Had his 2 year shots today and is a healthy boy in the 80th percentile for height and weight.

*Working on a new, improved website that will be up as soon as I can manage to get it done. For you brides out there, if you'd like to check out some full albums, you can go to erinhomann.zenfolio.com. If you're interested in booking a wedding date, let me know before your date is gone. Lots of inquiries for April & May!

These photos are of Atlee's buddy Grant for his 3rd bday and should have been posted way back. Better late than never? Grant is going to be a big brother about the same time as Atlee--yeah!! Can't wait! He's such a big, smart boy...


Kaley said...

yeah! a girl, that's great erin!!! oh my goodness, atlee is getting SO big and he's just as handsome as ever. we hope to see y'all soon. we miss y'all.

Dawn Jenkins said...

Yeah...a girl!!! Congrats. AMAZING PICS