Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mindy's Bridals

Mindy & Jarrett are now "the Hoppers" after a wonderful wedding in Midland on Saturday. And they are most likely sun-bathing in Mexico as we speack. Things I picked up from their wedding that I would highly recommend:
1. Have a beautiful bride and groom
2. Have a great family
3. Invite awesome friends (that like to party)
4. Be willing to take lots of photos (especially the bride & groom)
5. Have the reception at an awesome, unique place (like the Commemorative Air Force Museum at the airport!)
6. Have a huge, all-you-can-eat bar of candy at the reception (everyone loved this--old, young, men, women)
7. Have good food and drinks
8. Laugh when the cake "leans" like Pisa!
Think this is a good recipe for a great wedding. Oh, one more...
9. Hire an awesome photographer (that you happen to know and love). Just kidding--I'm really more modest than this.

Here are some of Mindy's bridals from our session at the Riverwalk and the Hotel Contessa in SA.


Sara Bading said...

Mindy looks great...dress is awesome. Meanwhile LOVE the new blogpic of Atlee...such a big boy...but more importantly you outdid yourself on pics once again. it blows my mind at how good you are. you suck (only because I wish I have your skills)

The Donaho's said...

You forgot the real #1....have a sister, who marries a wonderful guy, who comes from an amazing family, who happens to have a lovely, generous sister this is a talented photographer.

You'll never know how grateful we are. AND it was so fun to party with you, your hubby and my sweet nephew (that boy can dance!).

Anonymous said...

We love you, Erin! Thanks so much for everything you have done.

The Hoppers :)