Sunday, May 17, 2009


Once again, I'm behind on posting. Just wanted to give a little update...

Jason turned 30 on May 2nd! We had a great party the week before. Thanks everyone that came! Luckily, his hair has not started turning gray! Love you, baby!

Had a great Mother's Day and was really spoiled. Got a new camera, lens, purse and many other goodies. Really loving my D700.

Atlee is almost 20 months, now. And totally knows what he wants. Guess paybacks are coming.

Had a great bridal session yesterday, but it got off to a rough start. Went to the beautiful Mission San Jose. Was totally unaware that they began to require photography permits. And they charge double if you don't get it ahead of time! So beware. However, the session turned out great. And Elyn, her mom, and her sister were so wonderful and patient! It turned out to be perfect timing. Within 20 minutes, when I was heading north, it began to pour the biggest, heaviest drops ever.

Have a rehearsal and wedding coming up this weekend.

Finished all of the photos from Whitney and Patrick's May 2nd wedding in Bryan. There were a ton of them. Think they turned out great. Started using a new proofing website that allows you to see larger photos of your proofs, order, crop, etc. Think it will make the whole process easier. Go to

My parents run Rancho Del Cielo, in Kent in far west Texas. It's a cattle ranch, but they are also hunters extraordinaire. They've been guiding hunts since I was born--used to spend lots of time in Mexico. Anwyay, they offer mule deer and auodad hunts and just started a website. Check it out at, and tell your friends!

AND, Jason will be starting a new job the day after Memorial Day. He is very excited, and I think it will be a great opportunity!

Hopefully will post some photos soon.


Sara Bading said...

glad jason spoiled you...he must have wanted to shower you with deserve it

Celie said...

Still no pics of Atlee. :( (BTW the parental website is spelled wrong)
Great that Jason got a new job!