Monday, February 23, 2009

Happiness is...

Today, I saw a billboard that said, "Happiness is an organized closet." It was for the Container Store. So as I drove and drove, I made a list in my head of what "happiness is..." to me. Don't know if I remembered them all. Here are some...

Happiness is...
a clean house.
being caught up on a Friday at closing time.
no snot, drool, or tears.
a fresh diaper that I did not apply.
just a few more minutes of sleep.
fresh sheets on the bed.
reading a book (even for just a minute--I 've been reading the same book for months--I can't hlep it that I like 1000-pg books).
taking a perfect photo.
being with my boys.
baby hugs (even with drool, snot, and tears).
hearing "Mama" (even when he's not referring to me).
a good song on the radio that makes you want to roll the windows down.
not wishing you were somewhere else.
not thinking that there are a million things you should be doing.
when all the laundry is clean and put away.
having an idea that gets your adrenaline pumping.
being at work and not minding that you're at work.
not having to go to work.
not having work to do.
not feeling like you're letting life pass you by with all the hurry, the worry, and the rush.
just being satisfied.
a new baby.
going to new places (with a camera).
discovering a new neighborhood/route/road-less-travelled.
the smell of fresh cut grass/rain/dust.
a good conversation about all your dreams with the one you love.
knowing where you want to be.
going HOME.

Anyway, these are a few things I thought of. There are many more. So, leave me a comment and let me know what "Happiness is..." to you. The one with the best response will be "featured" on my blog--wouldn't you like to be famous????


Sara Bading said...

happiness is my husband actually listening to me when i speak

The Donaho's said...

Happiness is....sausage.

Just kidding. I started thinking about what happiness is, then I scrolled down to your last post.

For real now. Happiness is: Sunday afternoons after church, holding Zane's hand, Garrett's breath, my dog cuddling with me when I'm watching a sad movie, the way my house smells when there is something baking, sleeping in the camper when it is raining like crazy, a hail storm in the DFW area(b/c I'm an adjuster's wife), landing at an airport, but especially DFW airport, and finally, NO voicemails on my work phone!

Anonymous said...

Happiness is...
my dad calling,
a beautiful sunrise on the way to work,
reading Erin's blog & seeing new pics of Atlee,
good music at work,
a Dublin Dr Pepper,
good food with great friends,
a candle lit bubble bath with ZZTop playing in the background (somehow it just works),
going dancing with your favorite dance partner,
telling someone you love them,
having someone tell you they love you,
the smell/feel/taste of rain,
an amazing sunset

vicki.homann said...

Happiness is...

Amanda said...

Happiness is....

being a mom.....snuggling on a weekend afternoon nap, her laugh, her new words, her curly frizzy hair, her smell (most of the time, ha!)
the first snow of the season
Daniel's appreciative laugh at my silly jokes
checking the mail at Christmas time
SPRING (I am SO ready!)
drinking coffee on Saturdays
finding out a loved one is pregnant
sitting on the back porch at my grandma's with the breeze blowing
TEXAS!!! (I'm so ready for our trip in a couple of weeks!)