Friday, February 27, 2009



I have decided to, once again, include CDs of proofs with all [full-price] packages. I realize that it's what most people want, and I'm trying to give the people what they want! So if you've booked a wedding or session recently, you will get a CD. If you booked a wedding and/or session prior to my recent price changes, you will still get the choice of a CD or a print credit. No changes to previous price list.

That being said, I still STRONGLY encourage that you use your CD copies wisely. I CANNOT guarantee work printed at your local superstore/1hour photo. I suggest printing at a professional-quality lab. There are some great ones online and in the San Antonio area. The cheaper labs typically color-correct your prints regardless of actual content, and they simply do not look as good. By giving people digital files of proofs, I am taking a big risk---there is a good chance that customers will get poor-quality prints that make my work look bad. (And I'm losing revenue.) I am taking the risk to save my customers some money. But I would really appreciate your consideration. Don't forget--I own the copyright to all photos. You will get a limited copyright release form that should suffice at most locations to allow you to print. Your use of the digital files is limited to printing for personal use only!!! The files are not intended for sharing!

At some point, I will have to begin charging for CDs again as it difficult to be successful in business when giving away your product. So there are no guarantees for the duration of this special deal! Only a deposit (for a wedding) or a firm booked date (for a session) can lock in any prices I have here or on my website.

Also, I will still be offering all prints, so if you don't want to risk the quality, you can still come to me.
And, I offer products that you can't get on your own. Including professionl albums and books. And especially CANVAS GALLERY WRAPS that look so great on your wall. So, don't forget that I still offer things that you can't get elsewhere. I can also customize cards, etc for you.

SOOOOO, if you were on the fence, here is your chance to save a lot of cash and get what you really want.


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