Monday, October 13, 2008

Garrett's Baptism

This weekend, we went to Mansfield and Arlington for baby G's Baptism. He is definitely a blessed little boy. He had 3 rows of fam and friends!

I think this one makes him look like an angel--if you look closely, you can see that he's smiling.

with Godparents, Annette & John.

his first showcase during church

atlee checking out how high sophie can jump
atlee's cool new glowing turtle from debi & zane--it shines constellations on the ceiling.


The Donaho's said...

Yall are the best. Thank you so much for being here. I know it is a long drive, especially after a photo session and with a sick 1-year old. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know. It was so good to see you guys.....will see you soon. Love yall!

Vicki Homann said...

What a cute family! Garrett is a cutie!......Atlee is really spaceage in his glowing shirt! I wonder what he really thinks about it.