Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Daddy had his knee surgery yesterday, and it went well. But I think he was sick afterward from lack of food and the morphine. Hopefully today will be a better day. Mom said he came to during the surgery (they didn't put him all the way out), and he asked the surgeon if he could look at the bone! Sooooo Ralph, huh?

Atlee has an ear infection again. Yeah! Wish he would cry when it hurts, and maybe we'd catch it sooner.

On a brighter note, my baby boy is officially crawling (and has been for a week or so). Before that, he was dragging his lower half by pulling with his arms. So I was waiting for the big announcement until it was official, technical crawling. There is also a daycare issue as he is the only kid that won't take a nap. They say he just plays and talks while the other kids sleep? Anyone know how to make an 8 month old nap? I'll post crawling pictures soon.

I will post Kendra and Jonathan's wedding as soon as I can.

Saturday, I shot Sara and Eddie's wedding in College Station. They were both so wonderful to me. And such great people. They are currently enjoying a leisurely, luxurious honeymoon in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. So jealous! I'm also working on their photos for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, I did some last-minute engagement pictures of Kyle and Megan. Kyle is Jason's cousin, and they're getting married in Wimberley on the 21st. Can't wait!

Zane and Debi are vacationing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina as we speak. Once again, I am so jealous. I just want to go somewhere...................................


Sara Bading said...

All this talking...we want pictures of Atlee

Debi & Zane said...

As amazing as it is here, we miss you guys and especially wish we were in El Paso with your Mom & Dad.We are constantly thinking about and praying for them both.

This would be a great family vacation spot once Ralph's brand new knee is properly functioning. We woke up this morning to wild horses right outside our door. All we've done is lay by the pool, take the dogs to the beach, and hang out in this amazing house. The 4x4 only access to our house is quite interesting, too.

Talk to you soon!