Monday, May 05, 2008

t&j--the homanns

UPDATE!!!!!! When you go to the proofing section (see below), some white dots will show up as it processes. You may have to wait a while, due to the large # of pics. Be patient... they're there...

I finally finished with the photos from Tasha & Justin's big shindig last Saturday. There are a ton of them. It might take a year to upload them, but once it's done, you can view the album on my website. Go to, click on the "Proofing" button on the bottom right, and enter the password tjh. (If it doesn't work, it's because the upload is not complete--maybe try again later...) Hope y'all enjoy!

The wedding was at Woodway First United Methodist Church, and the reception was at The Palladium in a really cool old building downtown. It was a great event, and everything went perfectly. The entire wedding party was stunning and full of smiles--I don't think I had to delete one pic for closed eyes or no smile!! If you can't tell from the album, everyone there had a great time. I loved getting to meet Tasha's family--her 80-something great-aunt was quite the dancer. And her aunt was kind enough to include me in a photo. Thanks! I am thrilled that Tasha is my sister-in-law now. Thanks for having me at your big day! ps I'm so jealous about Hawaii--hope it was wonderful!


cutebluepandas said...

awesome pictures.

Debi said...

I don't think I've ever seen such a smiley bride....she looks stunning. They really turned out great....way to go, Erin!

Sara Bading said... amaze me with every picture. i want to get married all over again and let you do the photos..there is not a signle bad shot. you have SUCH a great eye for this stuff