Monday, April 28, 2008

Atlee is 7 months!

Atlee was 7 months old on Saturday! He is such a big boy and endured a long weekend of torture. We owe lots of thanks to numerous friends and fam that watched him at the wedding. Can't believe he was so good for everyone! I'm working on making it up to him. Here are some more pics from his first time at the pool.


Akinol said...

See Please Here

Sara Bading said...

i am such an ass. with all the hubbub on saturday i forgot to wish Atlee a happy 7 months!

Tia Debi said...

Such a handsome swimmer...and Atlee is pretty cute, too:) Just kidding. Don't worry, I wasn't checking out your hubby. Atlee looks very content in the water. You'll have to get him swimming lessons!

When will we see yall again???
Tia Debi and Tio Zane