Sunday, February 10, 2008

planting flowers

I have finally planted some flowers. We've only lived here since the end of May. Should we really already have landscaping? I'll blame it on the weather. Anyway, Atlee "helped." And enjoyed it for a while. We planted some salvia but mostly snapdragons. Makes me think of my grandma. Anyway, maybe if they survive, I'll have a blooming picture in the future. At least I have one big 16 pound flower that is thriving...
just a moment of cheesy--for Atlee's Baptism, we got a growth chart with a saying on it. Weird thing is that I had seen something the day before with the same saying, and it made me tear up. It says something to this effect: "To a child a parent should do 2 things: Give them roots and give them wings." Hope I can manage that.

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