Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas pictures, pictures, pictures...

We all had a wonderful Christmas. I got more than any other Christmas that I can remember. New shoes, necklaces, a fancy camera, a purse, a new ride, etc, etc. But most importantly, I have a wonderful baby boy, husband, and family. We got to spend lots of quality time together though it's never enough. I am thankful for all of my blessings. Here's a peak into our Christmas activities. (Just some thoughts on Xmas--an Indian priest, a fish with wings, and getting "just what I wanted" made this a memorable season.)
Sunrise at Loyola.
Morning kisses.
First time we've all been in the same place in a long time.

La casa Loyola and its pier.

Z & D

Our precious little guy--I was taking pictures of him asleep because he was so peaceful but ended up waking him up. It was worth it. Amazing that he usually wakes up happy and smiling. Wish I was like that.

Atlee and his twin cousins, Brian and Brady. Their mom Tammy is my first cousin. They were born 3 weeks after Atlee. All sleeping soundly...

Lucy and her girls--thought I had to get a shot of them all together.

Gage on his way to reel in his really big fish--as they were throwing him back, Gage said, "I'll hold his wings." He is too cute!@

Gage and Garrett.

Aren't we cute? And cold...

Julesy & Gagey.
Atlee got his first Levi's and a gorgeous silver cup (but no silver spoon here).

Above is Gage dancing as he screamed, "It's just what I wanted." However, he had no idea what it was--such joy in simple things. Amazingly though, he got the coolest ever talking globe and said it was "a baby toy." Wish he'd trade with me. I loved the globe.

Amy's gift from Gage.
Wow! Look at my camera [box].

Dad's spot on the Boone & Crockett list.

Mom's fancy watch.
The best present I got all year. What a cutey!

We had quite a fireworks show.

Poor Zaney only got 2 presents.

The aforementioned "baby" globe. I'll still trade...

Atlee in his fishing get-up.

Atlee gazing at his Opa and Papa.

Baby's never get any attention...

Christmas morning makes him wide-eyed (and bushy-tailed).
One picture with his Mama for posterity.

Atlee's beautiful hand-made stocking from Oma.


Tasha and Justin.

Jason and the bike he rode in on.


Oma chasing a calf on her new bike...

Matching vests...
Sara, Reese, and Kyndl.

Strike a pose, Reesey.
Matching suckers...
And eyes.
Oma's festive apron.

Uncle Mike.
So those are just some of our happenings and some of our wonderful family. Hope all of you had as great a time. Happy New Year from us to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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