Monday, November 19, 2007


Reese, Ryan & Sara's little one, was baptized yesterday in College Station... a very exhausting event (see below). Reese was born Oct 1st. Tiffany & Jeremy's baby girl, Addilyn, was also baptized yesterday in Plainview. She was born Oct 10th--congrats, Reese & Addy!
Oma & Opa (Jason's grandparents) at Reese's baptism with their first great-grandchildren... Reese's and Atlee's dads are cousins, and the little ones are 5 days apart.
Sara & Reese--a lovely duo.

Hopefully, Reese and Atlee will be great friends forever... They seemed to enjoy each others company until he started sucking on her hand!

Finally, I'm in a picture with my child---------thanks, Celie!

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